Jet Fan Cum (PLC) Panels

Basement ventilation system is the latest in applying modern technology in building management system. Hither to car parking ventilation has been done with conventional duct system. In this System a set of fresh air fans and exhaust fans are used. Through a well laid out duct the fresh air is being pumped to the car parking area and the exhaust fans sucks these airs and remove it out.

Electrical cum PLC basement ventilation panels are operates can be possible two modes like AUTO MODE,MANUAL MODE and FIRE MODE.if selecting the auto the following operations are done based on PLC instruction.if selecting the manual mode means we can operate the jet fans,fresh air fans,extract fan induvidually start and stop.

If the BMS will give fire input signal to the control panel all jet fan will run at high speed are fresh air,extract fan will run at full speed srt in HMI.when the CO level exceed threshold value,CO sensors extends signal to BMS and accordingly the corresponding group of jet fans are triggered. if actual PPM is greater than he low set PPM then the jet fan will be running at low speed. otherwise actual PPM is greater than the high set PPM then the jet fan will be running at high speed.Exact fresh air,Axial fan are operates based on the CO level PPM speed will change.

The jet fans are able to thoroughly cleanse the air at the bottom and the top layers of the car park, avoiding the creation of areas where air gets trapped. The fans are only operates for the particular zone when the CO detectors detect a level of pollution higher than the pre-set threshold value for the zone (which varies according to the type of project and local legislation).

In case of fire or in high CO levels , the control system need to switch on the fans on full speed after getting the signal from heat / smoke sensors . In addition to switching jet fans on high speed on fire floor, the control system is also responsible to switch off fresh air fans as it contains oxygen, which is liable to spread fire. Control system will also regulate the main supply / exhaust fans on demand or signal from the respective sensors in addition to jet fans, quickly and effectively until the complete smoke removed from the basement car park.